The 11th book I read this year was The Big A.S.S party, a small Zodiac Academy novella set during the events of the fifth book in the Zodiac Academy Series by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti.

A brief summary

This story mostly follows Geraldine’s and Max’s pov’s during the twins’ 19th birthday party, thrown by Geraldine and the Alrighty Sovereign Society. Without spoilers, neither of the girls are feeling particularly up to the party because of recent tragic events in both of their love lives but they put on a brave face for Geraldine and the heirs, who had to decided to assist her in her party planning.

My thoughts

I enjoyed this book! It’s a cute little side story and an insight into Gerry and Max, as well as a peak into how the heirs tried to make the twins birthday a little more special, which was kind of sweet. As per, Geraldine’s narration is peculiar and hilarious, I thought it might irritate me to read a whole novella with multiple chapters with her pov but it’s surprisingly tolerable. I loved the books so an extra snippets are exciting to me, it was good, short read!