My 14th read of the year was Hooked, the first book in the Never After series by Emily McIntire. This was my plane read on my recent holiday, bizarrely I have already read the second book in the series on a previous holiday last year, as they are standalone novels in a series.

A brief summary

James (Hook) has one goal in mind, revenge on the man who took his family from him. He worked hard to build his reputation, power and money to defeat the demons of his past. When his nemesis’s daughter walks into his bar, sweet and innocent, James sees his opportunity to get his revenge. Little did he know that he would feel so deeply for the daughter of his enemy, or how those close to him would betray him.

My thoughts

Look, this book is what it is, it’s a dark romance, the main character is not supposed to be redeemable- the author is veryyyy clear on that. As an easy read, not to be taken too seriously, this book is a good read, it kept me entertained on my plane ride. I will say, part of where James is cold and analytical, it didn’t translate well in the *spicy* scenes, which were all narrated from his point of view, because then a lot of his actions in those scenes are told in the same calculated way and it took some of the passion out of it.

I will keep reading this series, however, as they are on Kindle Unlimited, they are good short read on the Kindle when I’m commuting and stuff. Definitely check out the trigger warnings before you read this one.