This is a genre I’m still delving into and I’m really on the fence about whether I enjoy it but I thought, why not make a little list?

I pulled these recommendations from a few different lists and a little from TikTok.

Please make sure to check the trigger warnings on a book before you read it. I know some of the themes in these books can be a little… dodgy, I am not advocating any of these love interest’s actions, this behaviour is only alright in fictional love interests. The genre is call ‘dark romance’ so… take responsibility for checking whether they are right for you before reading.

If I’ve read it, I’ve linked my review.

  1. Haunting Adeline – H.D. Carlton
  2. Corrupt – Penelope Douglas
  3. The Sweetest Oblivion- Danielle Lori
  4. There are no Saints – Sophie Lark
  5. Still Beating – Jennifer Hartmann
  6. Does it Hurt? – H.D. Carlton
  7. Sidetracked – S.T. Abby
  8. The Ritual – Shantel Tessier
  9. The Predator – RuNyx
  10. The Never King – Nikki St Crowe
  11. It Ain’t Me – Tillie Cole
  12. Deviant King – Rina Kent
  13. Her Soul to Take – Harley Laroux
  14. Scarred – Emily McIntre
  15. Hooked – Emily McIntyre
  16. Promises and Pomegranates – Sav R Miller
  17. Den of Vipers – K.A.Knight
  18. Twisted Love – Ana Huang
  19. Tears of Tess – Pepper Winters
  20. There is No Devil – Sophie Lark
  21. Born, Darkly – Trisha Wolfe
  22. Little Bird Lost – Jessie Walker
  23. Periculum – Natalie Bennett
  24. Vicious – L.J.Shen
  25. Crow – A.Zavarelli
  26. Twist Me – Anna Zaires
  27. There are no Saints – Sophie Lark
  28. God of Malice – Rina Kent
  29. A Dawn of Onyx – Kate Golden
  30. Sinners anonymous – Somme Sketcher

Have you read any of these? Tell me what you thought!