Book number 6 of  #100booksin2019 (look I won’t lie, it’s not looking good but I’m perserving with the 100 goal).

I sometimes hesitate to buy books that have shot to the top of bestseller lists because sometimes it’s too much hype but this book was genuinely enjoyable to read. Eleanor, the narrator, is witty and delightfully wierd.

The book slowly draws you in with the mystery of her mother and what happened in her childhood, as she goes along the journey of acknowledging and dealing with her mental health issues. It all sounds very deep and serious, I realise that but this is what makes the book so well written, as this is done with cynicism and her direct mannerisms make it less sentimental drivel than I just made it sound.

All in all, I would definitely recommend giving this a read, it makes a wider commentary on loneliness in modern life too. Something a fair few millennials and those in the surrounding age groups might relate quite strongly to!

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