Do stuff you’re bad at- a rant

If you read my last rant, you know what I think of perfectionism, the culture of which sucks the joy out of everything. It’s what causes the burnout that was the focus of my last rant. Today’s rant is about how the pursuit of instagram and Pinterest worthy hobbies, or just the pursuit of perfectionism in general has ruined hobbies.

phoebe running

So this rant is about doing things you’re bad at BECAUSE IT’S FUN. Play sports, even if you suck, your team sucks and you never win a game. Write bad poetry, write shitty short stories, draw rubbish drawings and paint terrible paintings BECAUSE IT’S FUN.

Do you have to share these anywhere? Nope.

Do they have to look good? Nope.

Can you just spend a fun couple of hours doing something, then put it in a cupboard, or throw it away just ‘cos? Absolutely.

sribble gif

I have a friend I’ve tried to encourage taking up hobbies just for the fun of it but all she had to say in response to my ideas was ‘but I’m rubbish at that so there’s no point’ and she was shocked that all I had to say is response to that was ‘so?’. So what? So what if you’re bad at it? Remember when you’d just do things when you were little, you’d sing, you’d dance, you’d draw and you’d play a sport, even if you were shit and you did not care.

So promise me you’ll do something stupid, pointless and fun this week.


You can even write a little blog just for the fun of it…


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