It’s been a while since I’ve done a rant but I think this is important advice that will hopefully help someone.

*Warning- explicit language throughout- go away if you’re under 18*

The truth is, nobody really gives a fuck about what you’re doing, what you look like or who you are.

When you’re younger, you think they do because you’re still figuring yourself out and you’re self conscious and shit but the older I get the more I realise that as long as you’re not a dick and you’re not harming anyone (or yourself), no one gives a fuck.

Live your best weirdo life. Don’t wait until you’re grown to develop a personality because looks start to make SO much less after university/ your early twenties. See this clip from Dr.Who to hear what I mean in far more eloquent words.

Weirdly passionate about an incredibly specific hobby? Welcome to the internet buddy, find them online or look up where you can find your fellow weirdo’s in your local area to hang out with.

Live your best life, seriously. I don’t subscribe to the whole ‘life is short’ idiom because I think life is actually bloody long, this shit takes ages, so why spend it miserable?

Think you have characteristics that deem you fat or ugly (in societies eyes)? So what? These are just words. They are not part of your defining moments in life, they don’t make you. Even though the internet will have you believe that a large portion of people do give a shit about who are you… stop watching/ reading that content and go out of your way to find your people and your passion. The internet doesn’t have to be a toxic place, use these clever algorithms to your advantage and find stuff online that fulfils you or lifts you up.

Starving on a diet, or working out until you’re exhausted to fit an ideal? Fuck that. Missing out on that picture, that event or that occasion because you’re self conscious. No, this is not the way to make yourself feel good (seriously, there’s entire years where there are no pictures of me. There’s pictures people treasure from special days out or events that I’m not in because I didn’t want a picture taken of me). Feeling like your personality, what makes you innately you is somehow lacking, not good enough, or makes you somehow ‘other’ from the rest? Who cares?! Not smart enough or good enough at a thing? Who gives a shit? If it’s for work/ school get help/ resources to get your through it smoother, don’t let being self conscious hold you back. If it’s a hobby… why do you need to be good at it in order to enjoy it? (please see an older rant of mine- Do stuff You’re Bad At.)

If it won’t matter in five years time, don’t even waste five. minutes caring about it now.

Want to start a hobby? Start the gym? Take up learning something new? But too self conscious? Firstly, everyone in that class, or room etc felt that way at the start. Secondly, although I can’t promise there won’t be one or two snobs who haven’t grown up and feel the need to be superior, they will be the exception. The vast majority of the people are just going about their day, trying to get through it just like you. They really don’t give a fuck.

Maybe this is just millennial angst, maybe Get z are getting to grow up in a world where differences can be celebrated. Somehow I doubt that because social media makes it a lot easier to be judgemental behind a screen.

But I felt it was important to let you know, no one really gives a shit. Once you understand that, truly, deep down. It’s incredibly freeing. You don’t need to give a shit. You do you.

Do I practice what I preach? I try to. It’s not something you just feel over night, I’m still trying to work on certain aspects of it. Confidence rooted in yourself, rather than anchoring it to an ideal. identity or something/ someone is hard to practice.

You would be justified in asking what precisely have a I struggled with that means I get to dole out advice? But this is not a misery competition. This is something that is universal, whatever your issue is, whatever makes you think twice before doing what you want/ dressing how you want/ acting how you want, is your burden to bear. If you stop giving this shit its power. Then.It.Doesn’t.Matter.Any.More