Number 17 in the #100booksin2019 challenge (yes, I’m still calling it that… I can read 80 books in two months, right?) is Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.

Now, I went into reading this with no expectations and just assumed it would be another wacky, non sencical Neil Gaiman novel and it was… but not in his usual style. It was very similar to the way Norse mythology stories are told in shows I’ve seen like Vikings. However, I would say that it does not necessarily read like a fiction novel but then, I have not read many mythology novels so perhaps I was expecting it to be similar to other  Gaiman fantasy novels and that’s why I found it a little drier, a little more factual.

I did enjoy this book but I expected it to be a fantastical, colourful story-telling of the myths, rather than just a re telling, or outlining of myths, so I think that may have affected my opinion. It’s definitely worth a read if you like viking or Norse mythology but  I wouldn’t over all recommend it if you just general enjoy fantasy or Gaiman novels in general.

For those interested, here’s the Goodreads book summary.

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