Books 18 and 19 of #100booksin2019 were the books 1 and 2 of the Vampire diaries series  by L.J.Smith.

I love the t.v. series so I was really excited to read the books but so. disappointing. I literally have nothing good to say about them.

I knew they’d be cheesy but oh, damn. Elena is this ridiculous, superficial bitch and her relationship with Stephen is even more superficial and ridiculous. Honestly, massive kudos to the t.v. series’ writers for creating what they did based on these books (although, all they’ve really kept is three main characters names).  The only thing I can say in defence of them, is that she did seem to try and conform to a much older, more traditional version of the vampire myth; their powers were quite like the original Dracula novel.

She’s terrible to her friends, she’s falls in love and gets engaged with Stephen after almost no time at all. Katherine is portrayed as this fragile, waif like creature, who takes her own life because she couldn’t take the boys fighting over her. Elena’s friends are just as awful and book Bonnie is so pathetic, while Caroline is just as much of a bitch as Elena.

I won’t lie, since the books were so cheap second hand on amazon (and now I know why) I bought the first 8 already and, in all honesty, they are so terrible and cheesy that I’m genuinely going to finish the series at some point. So yeah, look forward to that review…!

Any who, here is the Goodreads plot summary for book 1.