So I’ll preface this by saying that this based off the books that I have read, I’m sure I could have included some of the others with a bit of research but… I didn’t want to do that!

Keeping it simple, author, title, rating and a couple lines about them.

Terry Pratchett- Discworld Novels *****

If I could convince the booktok generation of fantasy book readers to read the Discworld books, the world would be a better place. I love these books and Pratchett as an author, no matter how many times I re-read (or listen to) them, I still enjoy them just as much.

Garth Nix- Abhorsen Series *****

My copies of the books are so dog eared now but this another series I won’t shut up about. It was originally just a trilogy but there’s been a couple of prequel books released in the years since that means I can shoe-horn it into this list!

Garth Nix- Keys to the Kingdom ***

There’s seven books in this series and boy, do you feel it! They are enjoyable enough but it’s a long series to commit to just for that.

I actually did a little review of these when I read them, which you can find here.

Derek Landy- Skulduggery Pleasant *****

Another series’ I will not shut up about, they are amazing! There’s 15 + books in the universe so it’s a big commitment but they are so worth it.

I did an in- depth review of them here too

P.C and Kristen Cast- House of Night Novels ***

Ohh they are incredibly cheesy, they are full of tropes, stereotyped characters and the plot is a little iffy… however, they will make your little tween, vampire fictions loving heart happy.

Find more thoughts on them here

L.J. Smith- Vampire Diaries *

Couldn’t even make it past the first book, which was really disappointing because I love the t.v series.

I did review it here though

Tanya Huff- Blood Ties series ****

This is another quite cheesy vampire series but it’s the good kind of cheesy, in that. it’s well written and the plot’s not half bad.

I talk about them in one of my old blogs here

Cassandra Clare- the Shadowhunter books ****

I really do love these books, not all of them are perfect but I’ve re-read most of them at least once, if not twice. The world they are set in is good, the characters are always rich and the love story arcs make my little girly heart happy.

I read through all these books last year and reviewed each mini series that comes under the umbrella of Shadowhunter books.

The Mortal Instruments

The Infernal Devices

The Dark Artifices

The Eldest Curses (1 here and 2 here)

The Last Hours (1 here and 2 here)

George R.R. Martin- Game of Thrones **

I made it to book 4 and really couldn’t read anymore, the author uses ten words where one would do. You don’t see one characters for several chapters at a time and there were some characters which it spent far too long on that were plain boring.

Tahereh Mafi- Shatter Me Series ****

Another one that’s kind of cheesy, especially the romances in them but it does try to approach the genre with a different style and I’ve not really another series like it. Some of the relationships are a bit over the line in how toxic they are but other than that I’ve really enjoyed them.

I also did a blog about them here.

James Dashner- Maze Runner *****

So if we include the prequel books, this is another series that I get to shoe- horn into this list because they are so good! To be fair the movies aren’t too bad but there are loads of details that get missed. I wish more people were reading these now.

There you go, I hope that was useful… it was entirely biased and utterly based what you can find on my bookshelves but there’s lot of great series that aren’t getting screen time right now during the BookTok era!